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From rural Honduras to your cup, the story of our Pip & Bean coffee is a remarkable one. Scroll down to learn how our fabulous coffee was created.

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the source
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Coffee only grows naturally within the 'bean belt' —places within the tropics that enjoy year-round warm and sunny climates. Our Arabica bean is sourced from rural Honduras in central America, from COMISUYL, a cooperative of local coffee farmers setting new standards in sustainability.

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The source
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In the remote forested mountains outside the city of San Pedro Sula sits the small village of Subirana. 8 hours away from the nearest coffee bean drying facility, the farmers formed the COMISUYL cooperative and took a $150,000 loan to build their own. It's the world's first off-grid facility, powered by 100% renewable energy!

the roast

Safely arrived in the UK, our beans make their way to our roasting partners in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. and we're there to make sure the taste is just right! Roasted to a medium colour with a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness.

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Once the taste is just right, we hand our beans to our excellent baristas. Passionate about coffee, they'll make you the perfect cup!  

Interested in learning more about our excellent coffee and bright, modern cafés? Let's talk!

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