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Solar Energy


As well as its smooth and invigorating taste, our Pip & Bean coffee really packs a punch when it comes to sustainability! Read on to see how.

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A community project

The sustainability story of Pip & Bean all begins back in Honduras, where our beans are sourced from the COMISUYL cooperative of smallholders. This democratically run cooperative in the rural and mountainous Yoro department pooled their resources back in 1995 to both protect their environment and income, but also to help guarantee a better way of life for their families.

an off-grid first

The Yoro region, whilst beautiful, lacks some of the infrastructure needed to harvest coffee commercially. A big part of the coffee growing process is milling the beans, and with the nearest mill over 8 hours away, COMISUYL attained a $150,000 loan to build their own. In doing so, they built the World's first completely off-grid, 100% sustainable dry mill!

0% carbon, 100% taste

The fact that COMISUYL couldn't simply attach to the existing grid meant that creative problem solving resulted in a production system that emits absolutely no carbon to the atmosphere! Powered by the suns rays through large banks of solar panels (they get a lot of sun!) it makes for a sustainable coffee as well protecting the beautiful Pico Pijol National Park in which COMISUYL is based.

fairtrade certified

COMISUYL are certified Fairtrade and this benefits the farming community in a number of ways. ​Firstly, and importantly, it guarantees a fair price for the crop, meaning the farmers are never out of pocket due to market forces. The farmers also receive a Fairtrade Premium. At COMISUYL these funds have been used to provide a quality education to the youth community as well as training programs in green energy!

ground control

Once enjoyed, our used coffee grounds are still put to work. Coffee grounds are great in compost and ours are upcycled in this way. In some of our cafes, a quantity of our used grounds are used in our own planters and herb gardens, and extra bags are made available for free for our green fingered gardeners!

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