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Pip & Bean cafés are where teams comes together in the workplace. Where fantastic coffee meets simple yet tempting food in a contemporary space that's guaranteed to delight your staff!

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the concept

With continued competition from the High Street and an increasingly discerning workforce that demands the highest quality food and drink, Blue Apple Catering have developed Pip & Bean Cafés as a modern and cost effective alternative to larger scale staff restaurants. We proudly serve excellent food and coffee, but on a smaller footprint, with simplified menus and, importantly for clients; clear operating costs and flexible contract terms. 

As workplaces adapt to new working habits, our cafés serve as inviting, relaxing spaces for employee collaboration. It's hard to beat the irreplaceable experience of meeting face-to-face, sharing ideas and enjoying time with colleagues, fueled by our very own signature blend coffee (which is setting new standards in sustainable coffee production!) and simple yet delicious food. 

Scroll down to discover how we do it!

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have a seat

A Pip & Bean cafe is a real selling point for your team and clients alike. Sit back and relax as we show you how we do it!

how it works

Learn the Pip & Bean philosophy, our values and how we can help make the perfect café for your workplace.

grub's up

Simple yet stunning. Our cafes are where great food meets great coffee, bringing a bright and modern 'High Street' feel to your workplace.

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